The best hybrid bike or the best gym?

The best hybrid bike or the best gym?

Everyone wants to hide hybrid bikes to gain some fun with a joyful and exciting way, not to choose the hourly tedious workout exercises at the gymnastic. If you do choose the first  one like us, then congratulation, you are still human! In stead of your sweaty and miserable experience at the gym center, let’s talk about a different idea: take any new chance to start a different thing, then if lucky, get a new better life.


Start a new habit

A good thing in this real life is, you can always start a new habit anywhere, and any when you want. The only thing you should do is getting out your familiarly cozy house and get a new own hybrid. Another good news is, almost everyone who has ever experienced the bike riding is getting more and more into it. That’s why we had better have no fear or worry, just have a go, dream of your perfectly slim body after just  several weeks.

And get some fun…

In other words, it has been believed that the hybrid bikers are the ones who earn a lot of fun and joyful experience and get weight loss at the same time.

The answers are simple. You can never see the birds flying or enjoy the beautiful scenes at the stuffy gym. One of the best places to bike ever is the parks, or just our assumption. But whatever, you can always breathe some fresh air, get some new friends or some unexpected friendly chats. Sometimes at the weekends or in holidays, you can go outside the city with a bike and your buddies, make some most memorable experience ever in your life.


It’s all about a hybrid bike

Somehow you may be already in your best shape and satisfied with your body. Remember we can always get the better gifts in our life. All you need to do is just preparing a good bike, which means you do not have to buy a bike again and again. A favourable choice is hybrid bike. It can be heavier than the typical bike in the market but definitely have some better advantage, for example more comfortable and durable in general.

Hybrid bikes have the very special designs, which make them different from other genres. Theirs purpose is mostly for riding in a quite far distance, so as a result have a different pair of pedals or different saddle pattern. It means you can get a comfort feeling with these kinds of bikes rather than the others.

If you are eager to have one already, remember to get the mountain bike which is durable and suitable for long or rough roads.

OK let’s do it

To conclude, there are a lot of workouts things outside, but do not try to abuse yourself if you do not into them. A new bike riding routine with the best hybrid bike on your own choice, are then much more recommended. The hybrid bikes have all you need: strong frame, comfortable support, high manoeuvribility and long duration time, not to mention that riding a bike for a hour is losing tons of calories.

Do not hesitate to have a fast and safe weight loss, with fun and excitement right now. Especially recommend for those who have the strong determination of getting fit, but always give up at the very last minutes. Let’s say, forget all about the boring things at the gym and break the rules, you will see that just a hybrid bike can sometimes lead to a big change in your life.

What should bear in mind when buying a Hybrid bike?

One of the hottest topics that almost everyone is concerned and worried about the most, is health and weight stuff. That’s the reason why you should go into some good outdoor sports to make you keep fit and maintain a healthy status, like riding a bike or jogging. Not only the fresh atmosphere and beautiful scenes we can enjoy, but it is also about fun sharing when joing a community, to communicate and interact with each other. In this case, I want to mention the bike-riding activities.
However, sometimes you feel confused when choosing a suitable kind of bike, because there are tons of brands, types and prices in the market currently. For examples I can tell, it is BMX, mountain, or road bike… The thing is, the Hybrid seems to be favored and prefered a lot, compared to the other ones I can recommend to you. The biggest advantage of a Hybrid bike is flexibility, which can be blended with any kinds of roads when ridden. Sometimes it can be a road bike to ride on kind of flat route, but sometimes can be very smooth and durable on a tough one, like a mountain bike.

Going the market can be very enjoyable but also stressful, if you do not know how to choose it well. Here are some tips I shall give to you, when deciding to bring a Hybrid bicycle home:


The price is very important, because even you really like a dress, you have to give up persuading yourself  when you can not afford it. This is the same with hybrid bikes. So, the very first thing to consider is the price tag.If you want to find middle or high-end fashionable designs, which is very luxurious and precious, it is fine if you get money. However, you can overspend you planned budget because of the salesman’s speaking skills.

Here is an piece of advice for you. You should determine the price before getting out of home, how much will be suitable, and what amount it can be acceptable for a hybrid bike. If you lack information, just search google to know more. A ceiling limit in buying money list can also help to save, because you will automatically narrow down your choices.


It is about the choosing stuff. Do you feel satisfied with that kind of materials? All the parts are in their best conditions? The quality is very important, because it directly affects your using experience.


Anything can look good, but not look good on you. That is the eyes that are sometimes cheating you. If you feel interested in any hybrid bike product, do not forget to have a trial cycling directly. Then you can feel the comfort, convenience feel and also check if the size is fitting your body shape.

And you know a technical fault can always happen in the items produced. Not anyone understand that, so remember “never to judge a book just by its cover.”



One of the fastest and most convenient ways to come out is consulting anyone else. You will easily get to know their views, opinions, experiments … and they can give you a real portrait of product you are going to pick. It can be valuable and or confusing at the same time. So please ask those who have good knowledge and you can trust them.

Getting the right item at the right place and time is somehow the most difficult work in the world. From time to time, it all depends on you to be good items or not, not always in the items inside. The best tip I think I can give to you is, determine what is the most important factor that you care about, then focus on that one to choose when purchasing a hybrid bike.

Is hybrid bike the best choice for the daily commuters?

Life seems to be getting busier and busier today. More half of a day time is allocated for work, or in the working office moving around and around. That is the reason why people do not exercise as much as they used to do before. Workload, stress and deadlines prevent us from making stuff for a more healthy and worth-living life.

Even commuters are becoming lazier than ever. Instead of going to work by bus or train station, which means you have to walk on foot sometimes, they choose to sit in a car or on the motorbike all the time. You can usually see a long line of crowd, waiting for the lift but no one go to the stairs, just nearby from some steps of walk. The solution for this is, if they can not reduce the amount of work, then of course are capable of do some exercises while traveling to the offices.

Copenhagen, Denmark

There is a research from a reliable information source, nearly 30% of the budget for curing health problems these days is for obese. It is time for us to be serious and look into this big decease! And let’s take a case in China. It is said to be one of the countries that have the lowest rate of being obese.

Does that mean they go to the gym all the time or are they workout-holic? The answer is definitely no. It is daily commuting by bicycles that they activate for work travelling. It is also the reason why they have very little chance of being stressful. This is surely owed from biking everyday.

I tend not to be worshipped or admire the Chinese lifestyles, but when there is a big problems, they seem to have the simplest solition to that. It is not about encouraging you all to the market and buy a bike, then riding them all the time, but the thing matters is that we can learn something about their case. Also displayed in some health reports, bike riding is the very easy, but effective way to get some sweat and lose calories. It helps us to solve some health issues, reduce the possibility of heart attacks or pressure.

Wider, we can save our earth with release lower rate of carbon. If you already consent with us about using a bike to work daily is a very useful choice, then another problems come up, what genre can we choose? Because the market is flooded with tons of bicycle kinds. We can hardly say what is the best kind. It all depends on personal taste and our purposes to use.


I can classify them in two set of purpose: comfort and function. If it is the comfort you focus on, then choose some convenient and easy kinds to use, but of course it will be less efficient. If you want something for very good functional and productivity, road bike is the kind I recommend to you. However, for those who want to choose both of attributes, I think hybrid bike is the best solution for you. It is not only easy and comfortable to use, but also very effective like a mountain bike, for your tour bike trip for example.

Know everything about hybrid bikes in 3 minutes!


You must already hear the word “hybrid”, sometimes can see it, or even you ride it every day. However, have you ever wondered about its structure? How does it work? Here under is some brief points about components of a hybrid bike. Let’s see what interesting with it.


  • Wheels: 
    You know the mountain bikes’ wheels are such stable and durable ones, to fit them in with the rough terrains. With the road bikes, not as high qualified like that, but they must create comfortable and convenient feelings for the users. About a hybrid bike, as I can say, is the great combination between two kinds of bikes above. The secret is in the air pressure system! The higher air pressure allows them to run faster by decreasing rolling resistance. You can imagine how a properly inflated basketball bounces differently in a flat ground. It is something similar like that.
    About the rims and spokes, it can be slightly like those of road bikes, not mountain ones.
  • Handlebars: The hybrid handlebars are so flat, as the same shape as in mountain bikes. These has a greater grip, with a size of normal shoulder line. These handlebars help the riders to sit on the center of body gravity, and offer a better place to observe and control the bike, rather than the those on road bikes.
  • Frame: Hybrid bike frames are mainly made of lightweight aluminum or steel. Another term you can use is “cro-moly”, which is to say about the strong level or durable level that the materials offer with poor price.
  • Riding position: A hybrid have upright seat positions, and this is proved to give cyclists the best position to keep control well. It can be explained by the gravitation, to be placed at the center of body weight, and ithelps to reduce train, or avoid the chance of being neck ache or backache to the riders.
  • Gears: The riders can climb hills or do downhills, both with comfort experience with a hybrid. It is resulted from a wide variety of gearing that the hybrids in common provide. It is quite different from those of mountain bikes, with very low range with gears system. We can say, in this case they are more like road bikes.

Generally, a hybrid  will have two or three chain rings in the front as part of the crank assembly. There are some more information about other parts. Though they are not too important and you sometimes overlook them, but try to consider about it if you want your choice is the best one:

  • Pedals: Basic hybrids bikes are designed with platform pedals. If you’re a rider who frequently puts your feet down, they are definitely for you. Other more advanced riders may prefer to use toe clips pedals that allow the rider to secure his or her shoes to the pedals, but people have different levels of comfort when it comes to being fully attached to the bike given the frequent stops you might encounter riding in traffic.
  • Accessories: There are some accessories enclosed with a hybrid, for instances: frame pump, tool bag, water bottle and cage… They can be all you need for a tour riding trip.

There are some major brands for your reference: Specialized or Trek I can tell. They are so much well-known as very successful high-end brands.

Here are also some another tips for you: A hybrid can be very good for those who like in-town riding better. To get a good bike, let’s consider clearly with its components. Also, if you have intention of using hybrid bike for commuting, to go to work or school, check out the accessories and change to be easier and more convenient for your trips.

A hybrid bike – What is it?

Hybrid bikes are exactly what you can think about – a collaboration of road bikes and mountain bikes. It is resulted from its general-purpose: to ride over various types of terrain. That leads to the popularity of using of hybrid bikes all over the world.

For your easiest imagination, I can give you a general structure draft that is express by words.

First, as you can see, the flat handbars of a hybrid looks like those of mountain bikes the same! That means hydrid is designed to be able to be rode in the tough routes too. Another similarity is about braking systems. The hybrids have such a very smart and flexible braking, or even shifting that allow us to get easy riding on any terrains. What a great idea for adventures! That also make hybrid bicycles more prefered by many people, rather than the road ones who only get used to be rode on the flat roads.

Something excellent I have to mention too, is the riding position design is so good. It is upright side, that make us concentrate the bodyweight into the right point, and then make riding things so convenient. Then, hybrid ones have such a wide tyres, allows us to use them in bumpy roads, with very easy and comfortable sense.



Wider, some hybrids are closer to mountain bikes, they also have different traits that has the similarity to other kind of bicycles. Wheel size is indicated better, and hybrids can use format commonly known as a portrait on mountain bikes, they tend to be more off-road biased. Bikes with 700c road style wheels are often less practical for using off-road.

Brakings can vary between models, but the very common kind nowadays is V-brake. Hybrids usually get different gearing also which allows them to blended with every varied kinds of terrains.

Hybrids are also made to be in sets with mudguards chains, which for the purposes of retrofiting all these parts together. There are also the pannier racks, and clearances, or eyelets – which are very important part of a bicycles. Further, they have a wide range of gear systems, and then have more advantage in comfort roads, somehow like road bicycles, rather than mountain ones.

These are basically common units that will provide convenience for difficult terrains, yet offer a limit in using for off-road riding. Some other hybrid bikes are also tailored-made with a suspension fork. To choose which ones from them totally depends on the different manufacturers, and the purposes of the product lines you want to equip with.




These above are some of the technical characteristics you should know about hybrid bikes. Even though, it is actually a long story if you want to know all about them. However, to conclude in one sentence, it is very good to bear in mind a saying:  a Jack of all trades , but no master in anything at all! It means it has a lot of advantages, but it is also the biggest disadvantage of them: be master of no yield!

There are lots of bicycle types to be made fit to different purposes of use. If you like adventure with tough routes, then go for mountain bikes. But if you just want something comfortable to commute daily for work, then road bikes are ideal for you. However, you have mix of demand of a bike which are suitable for both things, then a hybrid one is exactly the one you want.

Hybrid bike or mountain bike – Which one is superior?

First I just want to show you the definition of “hybrid bike” in case you have no idea about it. To clarify simply, it is a genre mixed between a mountain bike and a road one. Also, it can be flexibly used with different terrains. If you are still vague about these kinds of names, do not rush to any purchase decision. Here are some tips, which I think, can be useful for you if you are really in need of a bike.

Rocky Mountain Altitude 70 2011

What makes a hybrid bike different?

The brake and shift systems of a hybrid bike is different and more excellent than those normal kinds you can find in the market. Because one of its purposes is to rode through rough routes, so as to distinguish from road bikes.

Next is the seating position. It is in such a upright direction, so it gives more comfortable feeling. The tyres tend to be bigger also, and all of the designs are to bring the highest safety to the users.

Of course there can be other traits that I can tell, but the useful tip seems to be like this: think about what situations you like to use a bike the most. Then basing on them, you can choose the exact thing that fits you the most.

What are their advantages?

There are a variety of advantages I can list, but to your easiest understanding, look at the ideas as belows:

  • Safety
    Hybrid ones are generally safer if you weave much in and out of traffic.
  • Range
    Hybrids are still your good choice even in different kinds of terrains.
  • Option
    There are such a lot of categories that are available on the market. The main point is all about determining your purposes of use.




What about their disadvantages?

Of course everything is not perfect. There are some bad affect that you need to consider, and to weigh all the pros and coins to making up your mind.

  • Speed
    I can say that sometimes you can not in good speed control, as you used to do with normal bikes. Do not worry so much about that, even if it can not compare to the normal bikes, doesn’t mean it get that too bad.
  • Self-consciousness
    Some cyclists they protest the hybrid bikes, because they prove that the upright position can be very “unnatural”. It can not be concluded, because it is all about personal liking.
  • Specialization
    Be honest to say, it has no specialization. It means that a hybrid bike can be suitable for any kind of terrains, but not especially in any of them. That’s why some professional cyclists tend not to choose it.

Anything else needed?

There are also many things you need to consider, not only from the insight of product, for examples your budget plan, the selling policy, other arising fees for clothing… All of these stuff and definitely affect your process of making decisions. But the most important key is “care”. Care about your real need, and be careful with a final check after all, before deciding to purchase anything.